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Cookbooks and The World Of Publishing

I’m working on a cookbook. The reply to that should be: So, who isn’t working on a cookbook? But I’ve put it out there in the universe now so chances are that I will not only be working on it but I will actually complete this project. Like most writers, I have had stops and starts in my writing journey.

I write a lot. I probably write almost as much as I cook. Some days, it is easy and some days (like today) it is like, as the old saying goes, pulling eye teeth.

I have had the opportunity to develop relationships with some very good writers in the food writing world. It all starts with attending a workshop or two and then reaching out individually or taking advantage of connections that are offered. Most recently, I signed up for a cookbook proposal writing course. This is the beauty of the web-world where you can participate without needing to travel. A few years ago, I traveled to South Carolina for an in-person cookbook boot camp. It was informative but presented the participants with a fairly jaundiced view of the cookbook publishing world. It was and is their perspective and probably accurate. I don’t know that anyone from that small and fairly elite group ever published anything so I don’t know if that would be considered a success or ? But back to my current journey…I not only have met some interesting writers but I may actually formulate a cookbook and find an agent in the end. Side story…when you go to a bookstore, say, Barnes and Noble, and you find the cookbook section, it is overwhelming. There are so. many. cookbooks! Thousands. Many about the same subject. How do you stand out in a sea of celebrity chefs (and not chefs) writing cookbooks alongside all the very reputable cookbook authors. It really makes you want to throw up your hands. You are certainly faced with – how in the world will my idea ever see the light of day?

Before I let you in on what I’m writing about, you should know that memoir is my preferred style. I think if you’ve got a story behind the story, that is what is interesting. So, what better story than the one that got me where I am? The story of the cooking school and everything we’ve gone through to teach people how to cook more at home and enjoy it.

So that’s the topic. You. I’m writing about, well, you in a way because those of you who have attended our classes make them what they are. The way you use the information provided colors the way I teach the recipes. Did you know that? We make every effort to adapt our teaching to you so that you get it! We have had quite an evolution from starting on Cherry Street with our first location to where we are now. We teach many of the same recipes but not at all the same way. So that’s the story. How things have changed over the years of teaching and the recipes that go along with those changes. And if you know us at all, you know we don’t do much of anything by the book. So, in our unorthodox teaching style, we have found that people (at least the ones who attend our classes) learn best when they are entertained. Not sure how that’s going to play in the publishing world, but I guess I’m going to find out!


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