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Cornish Pasty

For this culinary adventure, we embark on a journey to Cornwall, where the pasty reigns supreme. If you've never experienced the joy of a Cornish pasty, get ready for a taste bud adventure that's equal parts history and deliciousness.

fresh from the oven Cornish Pasty

Cornish miners were the unsung heroes behind the birth of the pasty. These hardworking souls delved into the depths of the earth, craving a hearty meal that could withstand the perils of the mines. Behold the pasty—a handheld marvel filled with steak, onions, and potatoes encased in a flaky crust. Miners could grasp the thick, crimped edge with dirty hands, munching on the savory contents without contaminating their lunch with mine dust. The pasty wasn't just a meal; it was a practical, edible tool.

Now, let's talk crust. The secret weapon of any good pasty is its crust, and we're not talking about just any crust—it's the hot water pie crust. It's like the Houdini of pastry, magically transforming a handful of ingredients into a flaky, golden masterpiece that is easy to handle.

We break from the tradition of a hand pie and show you how to make this delicious treat, family style.

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