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Pan con Tomate

This is super easy and so fast. You can certainly make this appetizer from start to finish at any point when you have a little down time. The only cooking part of this dish is toasting the bread.

You can simply toast it in a skillet or sauté pan. Toast both sides and as you remove the bread simply rub it with a garlic clove that you have cut in half then drizzle with olive oil. You will need a box grater for the tomato and a large bowl. Place the grater in the bowl. Take the entire tomato without cutting it and start grating it using the large holes on the grater. When you are down to the skin of the tomato, you’re finished so throw the skin away. Spread the tomato over the garlic toast and then sprinkle with salt. Your appetizer is ready!

Your grocery list:

A baguette loaf

One large tomato per 2 people

One head of garlic

Olive oil for toasting and drizzling the bread

Kosher salt

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