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Crispy Holiday Leftover Fritters

As the holiday season winds down, and our fridges overflow with the remnants of festive feasts, we've got the perfect solution for those delicious leftovers. Say hello to our Crispy Holiday Leftover Fritters – a mouthwatering reinvention of holiday excess. In this culinary clash of traditions, we bring you not one but two sizzling methods of frying these delectable delights: Candace's "Old Fashioned" versus Natalia's "New Fangled" Air Fryer approach. The question remains – whose fritters will emerge as the true golden glory?

a plate of  Crispy Holiday Leftover Fritters

Candace's "Old Fashioned" Fritters:

Say goodbye to waste and hello to comfort with Candace's timeless method. Using the magic of a hot, sizzling pan, she transforms leftover mashed potatoes, cooked turkey, and stuffing into golden-brown fritters that boast a crunchy exterior and a warm, flavorful interior. Follow Candace's lead for a taste of nostalgia and a plate full of holiday memories.

Natalia's "New Fangled" Air Fryer Fritters:

For those who like a modern twist, Natalia introduces the "New Fangled" Air Fryer method. Experience the magic of crispy fritters with less oil and more convenience. Natalia's technique promises the same golden perfection but with a healthier touch. Are you ready to revolutionize your holiday leftovers with this contemporary approach?

Now comes the ultimate taste test – Candace's "Old Fashioned" fritters versus Natalia's "New Fangled" Air Fryer creations. Which method will yield the golden fritters that steal the show at your holiday table? Will tradition triumph, or will innovation take the crown?

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