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SKILL DRILL - Let's Grill

Ready to get over your fear of the grill? Our skill drill is designed to demystify the art of using a charcoal grill. Prepare to become the ultimate grill aficionado as we walk you through the fundamentals, starting with a time-tested technique that sets the stage for grilling greatness. It’s easy if you have the right tools. We use a chimney stuffed to the brim with brown paper and generously filled with charcoal briquettes. The flames come alive as we ignite the paper. For about 20 minutes, we let the fire burn, reaching that perfect point of readiness. Then we gently pour out the contents of the chimney, leveling the charcoal. Now just wait for the fire to mellow, allowing the embers to glow, then lay on your favorite meats and veggies.  

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