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It's summertime and gardens are bursting with fresh vegetables and herbs.

Basil is a favorite of mine. I can never have enough of it.

If I'm not making pesto, I'm adding fresh basil to pastas, salads, stir fries, really anything I can think of!

So don't buy it! D-I-Y it! Fresh basil pesto is super easy and fast to make. Start today making this beautiful addition to all your cooking and don't buy that over-priced jar at the grocery!


I made a straight-forward video for you. Fresh Basil Pesto. Easy in and out, to get you pesto-making in no time (less than 5 minutes). Here are some other great recipes from the library where you can add in some extra basil or go ahead and mix in some pesto!

Classic Panzanella Salad is perfect for summer and one of my all-time favorite salads. Finish our Quick Marinara with a small bunch of basil to add that taste of summer. Then, here's a beautiful way to use not only basil but all those tomatoes, Shrimp with Pasta and Burst Tomatoes.

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Basil Leaves

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Chef Candace Conley is The Girl Can Cook!

The mission is simple: teach people how to cook more at home…and enjoy it.

Chef Candace comes from a long line of talented home cooks and has developed a self-taught culinary style that positions her as the only chef personality and entrepreneur in the Tulsa area to combine entertainment with hands-on teaching.

After 15 years with a brick and mortar cooking studio, she has now taken her "show" online with a library of recipe videos and

soon to be available live virtual classes.

Hands-on teaching will always be a part of her repertoire as she guides eager pasta enthusiasts through the ins and outs of fresh pasta making in her professional home kitchen.

If you're ready to expand your cooking skills immediately, click on the button below and grab your free cooking guide.


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