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So, you fried an egg. Now what?

Of course, eggs are great on their own but eggs can elevate a dish in ways no other ingredient can. Never thought of it? Well, it is time, my friend, to consider putting an egg on just about everything!

Over easy fried egg with runny yolk
Over Easy Fried Egg from Cooking For Real

In the "how to fry an over easy egg" video, I suggested a burger. If you haven’t tried finishing a beautiful hamburger, actually any kind of burger, with an over easy fried egg, where have you been? The rich runny yolk combined with the juicy, fatty burger, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. But let’s not stop there!

Here are several more ideas for putting that lonely fried egg to good use:

  • Egg on avocado toast

  • Egg on top of a taco, burrito, tostada, chilaquiles

  • Fry polenta and put an egg on it

  • Grill a steak and put an egg on it (actually just did that last weekend)

  • Over sweet potato hash or really any kind of hash

  • Top a pizza with an egg

  • An egg over rice and beans (red beans and rice, black beans and rice)

  • Break with tradition and put a fried egg on your Eggs Benedict

  • Almost any roasted vegetable dish is improved with an egg

  • Egg on a glazed pork chop (bourbon glazed)

  • White beans mashed with rosemary and garlic with a fried egg on top

Seriously, tell me something that isn't improved with a fried egg!

Let's not stop there. What about "accompaniments" to the egg itself? Ready for some more ideas to upgrade your egg? Here you go and I'm going exotic on some of these:

  • Chili crisp

  • Harissa

  • Toasted sesame seeds

  • Roasted red pepper romesco

  • Pesto

  • Chimichurri

  • Almost any kind of cheese…try Boursin

Try out herbs and spices, too!

Honestly, eggs are unctuous blank slates. Rich, buttery, runny yolks with the white counterpart to offset the richness. Let your imagination run wild and I hope I’ve given you some good starting points. Try them out and then let me know how it goes. If you come up with something new as you’re coloring outside the lines, I want to know that, too!

Let’s get cooking!


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